Modern anodizing of aluminum, titanium and magnesium and their alloys

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Our company is the only one in Poland, engaged in the process of microplasma oxidation (PEO MAO). Microplasma oxidation method was developed already in the middle of the last century, but gained more interest in the eighties. At the beginning of the application found in the aerospace industry, where it is used for coating light magnesium alloys. Today, one of the preferred processes of electrochemical treatment of the surface due to non-toxic or concentrated acids. With the formation of the conversion coating achieved very tight, excellent adhesion to the substrate and corrosion resistant coating. Layer becomes an integral part of the base material and has dielectric properties. Magnesium, aluminum, titanium and their alloys are materials that can be coated by PEO. During the growth of 50% of the coating material layer is formed from the electrolyte, and a further 50% of the substrate. The resulting surfaces are porous, thus ideally suited for further processing painting. Our system allows for overlapping elements to 1 square meters


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improvement of anti-corrosion properties

Designing electroplating lines

We design technological lines for PEO

Sales of power supplies for PEO

We make and sell high-power switching power supplies

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